Speech Therapy is exciting at Givens Highland Farms !

A quick chat with Kate Kellher in Therapy:

“I love my role as the Given’s Highland Farms’ Speech Language Pathologist. Since 2015, I have enjoyed helping our residents with anything that has to do with communication difficulties or complications with swallowing. I have been a Speech Therapist for 13 years and am specially trained for working with adults, and I serve residents who are recovering from a stroke so they can find the words they feel they have lost.

I serve residents who have had difficulty with swallowing at meals times or have developed slurred speech. I work with their voice volume and articulation issues often occurring after a Parkinson’s diagnoses. I have special training in cognitive communication that allows me to provide strategies and recommendations for safe experiences with the social opportunities offered at our community. If you have any questions or concerns regarding communication or swallowing, let the Rehabilitation Department know!

I have a wonderful assistant named Bruno, he is my beloved dog who brings joy to all with whom he comes in contact. He loves cheese but is allergic to chicken and one of his magical talents is that he can sing Happy Birthday in chorus with other people. It’s pretty adorable!

Bruno is going to be a big brother to a new baby girl coming in July and we will be back in the fall.”

Stop by and say Hi to Kate and Bruno when you are in Health Care, and if you haven’t heard Bruno sing Happy Birthday, it’s an extra special treat!