New Philanthropy Vice President

Givens Communities

Givens Communities Announces New Vice President of Philanthropy
ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Givens Communities, a leader in senior living opportunities, has announced that Brian Guengerich will become the vice president of philanthropy for the nonprofit organization.

“I think philanthropy provides a tremendous opportunity to advance Givens’ vision of expanding possibilities for aging,” said Guengerich. “Economic uncertainty should never determine quality of life.”

CEO Kevin Schwab said having Guengerich as vice president of philanthropy will better connect contributors to the causes they support, as well as build a better public awareness across the region and beyond about the great work being done, and the difference individuals make.

“Having Brian bring his expertise and personal touch to our organization will do so much for advancing our mission of serving our residents, team members, and neighbors in the extended community that we are so much a part of,” said Schwab. “He’s the right person at the right time for a greater good for us and Western North Carolina.”

An Asheville native, Guengerich said his goal is to create a clear and compelling vision for philanthropy, to honor history and build a bridge to the future for aging.

“The building blocks of success are already established,” Guengerich said. “There is so much already in place we can take advantage of. That is truly exciting to me and something to look forward to.”
Through four distinct campuses, Givens Communities offers a wide range of services and at-home care, as well as ministries and outreach, endeavors to provide rich and meaningful experiences that empower residents to maintain independence. Its nationally recognized affordable communities program offers innovative solutions for middle market and cost-conscious seniors.

Guengerich will be working alongside Mark Bailey, who has been director of development with Givens Communities for 34 years. “I look forward to working closely with Brian, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to further an organization’s mission through philanthropy,” Bailey said.
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