Mt. Mitchell Trip 2019

In late August, Givens Highland Farms had two full busses of residents and staff that made their way to the top of Mt. Mitchell State Park for an early morning breakfast prepared by the Givens Highland Farms Dining Team.

When the residents reached their destination, the smell of fresh coffee, eggs with cheese, bacon, steak, cheese grits, hot apples, biscuits and gravy and so much more filled the air. There is something about the combination of the crisp cool mountain air and a hot cooked breakfast early in the morning that makes for a wonderful day!

Once everyone was finished with breakfast, many hiked to the top of the observation deck to take in the spectacular views for as far as the eye could see.

This event has been a long standing tradition for Givens Highland Farms residents and staff and one that is looked forward to by many. Residents begin talking about this trip once the summer months begin