Givens Highland Farms Life Story Books


Givens Highland Farms Health Care Center has partnered with 2nomi to share the stories of their residents. 2nomi is a group that focuses on person-centered care by creating life story photobooks.

Life stories best describe who a person truly is and allow us to understand them as a whole. These photobooks can be used to better understand an individual’s needs, enhance care and their experience in the facility, and create positive memories.

By incorporating life stories into our daily routine, staff members create deeper connections with their residents on a more personal and emotional level. Understanding a residents life story allows care givers to better celebrate them and deliver person-centered care.

Families are very involved in the process of creating each photobook by providing photos and information about their loved one. Once the final product is completed, a copy will be sent to our Health Care Center to begin incorporating into their plan of care. Givens Highland Farms Health Care Center provides life story books at no cost to enhance the lives of our residents.

“I am so excited to be apart of this project and to get it started for our residents,” said Leanna Caro, Programming Coordinator.