February is International Recreational Therapy Month

The primary purpose of recreational therapy (RT) is to improve health and quality of life through recreation and leisure actives.

Facts everyone should know about Recreational Therapy:

1. In the state of North Carolina, a Recreational Therapist (RT) must be nationally certified and licensed by the state.
2. The goal is to improve the seven areas of wellness: cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual, physical, environmental, and occupational.
3. Assessments are made in the areas of recreation and leisure interests, plan goals related to areas of interest, implement monthly calendars based on interests and to evaluate achievement of goals.
4. To improve performance through group programs, community events, and community outreach.

Please stop by to learn more and to meet our talented Therapist who help enrich the lives of those in our Healthcare Facility.

Rachel Heavlin LRT/CTRS, CDP

Amanda Rector LRT/CTRS

Daphanie Florence LRT/CTRS