Dixie Hoyle Highland Farms- RN


“My mom was a Certified Nursing Assistance and wanted to become a nurse,” says Dixie Hoyle, during a work shift at Givens Highland Farms Healthcare Center. Her mother never achieved that dream, but she proved the inspiration for her daughter to do so.

Dixie recently passed all requirements to become a Registered Nurse, following several years of setbacks and life challenges along the way.

“Both my mom and dad were my inspiration to never give up,” she says, recalling that her mother passed away in October 2008, her father in December 2009.

“Seeing as how I needed to get my Certified Nursing Assistant certification to do the nursing program and knowing that my mom had been a CNA, I took the CNA class in spring 2010,” says Dixie. But things didn’t go as planned, especially at first. “I was so extremely nervous that when I took the skills portion of the test, it caused me to fail that section.” Not to be denied, she tried again in 2011 – and easily passed.

“I was originally going to do the Licensed Practical Nursing program first, and then do the LPN to Registered Nurse bridge. My first time in any nursing program was fall 2011 in the LPN program, but I had to withdraw after two months because life got in the way.”

She had, however, completed all but one prerequisite for the program.

“When I decided to go back again in 2021, I took a leap of faith and applied to the Associate Degree of Nursing program. My acceptance letter for the ADN program arrived April 2021 and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the letter!”

The journey through nursing school would have its struggles from beginning to end, she says, but “I was determined that I was going to make it.” And she did, completing the program and passing the NCLEX-Registered Nurse on her first attempt. Now she says the next goal is, after gaining more experience, to become a nurse in labor and delivery.


Name: Dixie Hoyle

Age: 32

Birthday: October 18

Hometown: Old Fort

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite vacation spot: the beach!

Interesting fact: I’m a twin, baby A

Siblings: Four brothers (2 in heaven due to miscarriage) and 1 sister

Married: To my amazing husband of 7 years

Children: Two beautiful children, Garrett (10) and Charlie (6)

Pets: A female pit bull named Lilly

Activities: I love to sleep! But also love spending time with my family.